All tapped out




Today at work we were given the opportunity to donate blood via a guilt inducting message at the time clock. I havent given blood since college, it is an easy relatively painless way to give to others so i signed up to donate. When it was time for my appointment i was pleasantly surprised i got to stay on the clock while donating ( i assumed i was going to be doing this while losing pay)  If you have never donated blood its an interesting process of questions and answers, in this case it was done in an impossibly small room about the size of an airplane bathroom. My interviewer was a perfectly pleasant man with an  endless quantity of burps. I am a bit closterphobic  so it was a bit of an issue. Im surprised they took my blood, by the time the interview was over i was twitching like a crack head in withdrawals.  The questions are personal and my answers were predictably boring. ” have you traveled to any of these foreign countries. Have you ever performed these acts? Tattoos or piercings in the last 6 mo.?” No, no, no, ….. ” taken a product containing aspirin in the last three days?” Wait YES! I took some excedrin yesterday ( living the wild life) Then i was passed down the line to some lovely cheerful blood drawling ladies .  I have experienced thru my life needles and poking and this was no big deal. Until i thought about it too hard, looking down at the little Baggie of blood thinking its kinda weird. Then thinking its kind of creepy. Then thinking LET ME OUT, let me out of this wagon of doom ahhhh they steal my life force. I held it together and was rewarded with cheese its .  Sometimes my lack of focus can be used to my advantage. All in all i would defiantly recommend giving blood it helps others and ya know cheese its .


Almost done finaly! Kinda, not realy. But soonish

Our house was built in the last parts of 1800 its OLD, and i love it ( but its a huge pain in the ass). When we first got it, it was not habitable. We  hacked our way to the front door, hauled truck after truck to the dump, and literally feed it with our blood sweat and tears. We were working on a deadline so the kids could start the new school year in this town, so the necessary got done ( ripping out carpet, redoing the bathroom, new plumbing, ect) but the want to do had to wait. The want to do so often gets pushed behind need to do, should do, kinda have to do or else. the kitchen has always been a bit eeeh not dirty or horrible but with the 1960 metal edged counter top always gathering crumbs and the yucky wood cabinets it was crying out for help. imageAnd yet we didn’t go into this with plans of a mini makeover. My husband dear and sweet said ” now that i have the router stuff i can router those cabinet doors” to be honest he did not say stuff not sure what he said though. because we were doing the edge of the doors with the router they were also getting a paint job( made more difficult by the 1/9 inch layer of varnish on them) .so down came the doors that hadn’t been removed in at least three or four interior paint jobs based on the amount of paint on the screws. He routered  and i sanded, he putties  and i sanded some more. Then paint with primer, than regular primer because the wood was leaking out wood color into the paint even though this wood is older than dirt. This is when my me -ness comes into play ” perhaps  we should paint the base color around the top trim” so then that’s done.  image” we can’t really paint just the cabinets we have to do the wall, oh and the countertops.” Then speaking of counter tops ” it would be awesome if they were low enough my mixer would fit…”   then he diligently banged the cabinets apart to raise them three inches and it makes a huge difference yay!, imagecut them down , reassembled them, then the doors we just finished needed redone.cut, router, putty , sand, primer, paint, detail paint….. And onto the walls we go. Did i mention the four to five layers of contact and or wall paper? I love the color picked for the walls, but once applied it looked like a swimming pool with cabinets image( off to the home improvement store for  more paint) on the walls it goes. The bottom cabinets were supposed to be grey once applied however the color i picked was defiantly a blue ( don’t mind the jelly in the photo i couldn’t cook this whole time i don’t function well in a mess)image i wanted to add the grey to the wall instead. Now too much grey crap, how about a stripe ( out comes  the laser level , has to be even bumpy plaster walls be damned) and a stripe yeah …..image… Nope. How about half and half….. imageOk yeah That’s good now just trim needs done and some touch up then boom, carpel tunnel tears its ugly headimage so it’s almost done but not quite. Thank goodness my husbands patience is like a bag of holding . And that is how a simple suggestion turned into a project with no seeming end. Now about that ceiling fan i never have liked it….

This fence is actualy quite comfy thank you very much.

imageimageI love having opinions i have opinions on soooo many things, i have opinions on things that are none of my damn business quite frankly. At any given minute on almost any given subject i have something to say. But see that’s the great thing about opinions they are mine sometimes informed sometimes not i don’t state them as fact( most the time anyway) . I do however have a tendency to buck and fight if asked to make a decision, it’s not that i don’t have an opinion it’s that i doubt the validity of my opinion when asked to make it a fact. I see both sides a lot of the time or feel im right but not more so then you. so on the fence i sit, now i know it is an annoying habit ( especially to you oh you decisive few with the black and the white ) i however sit here looking at many shades of grey, literally in this case. We are repainting our kitchen cabinets  and im leaning towards grey, yes i know it might make it seem small or dark, gloomy even so im thinking gray and….. Something.  But I’ll have to look at this for a while i want it right. When we finally moved into our first house i was so so soo tired of apartment neutrals beige was not an option, by the time i was done it ” looked like a drunk clown got ahold of this place”.  the kitchen i lovingly picked a brick and burnt yellow color thinking Tuscany, the second time we had company some one said ketchup and mustard and then i couldn’t unsee it.  When we moved into our current house we went back to a straw beigy color now finally i am ready to try again. So i have it narrowed down to six to eight colors  and i sit on my fence trying to decide so i decided to blog instead when in doubt procrastinate                            imageimage