In honor of our love i will give you dead things


 As i watch my Facebook feed fill up with valentines ” look what my sweetie did” followed by pictures of floral arrangements  i feel a bit of dismay. I have always said flowers are a waste of money, but when i get them i squee like a vapid girl.  Hmmm history aside valentines is now a day to remember the people you love, and tell them you care.  It feels strange to me that we need this holiday, and to be honest i normally do not participate. I love the people i love everyday, i try to tell them often and with true feeling. Please accept this beheaded plant as a token of my love for the year seems a bit hallow. Please let me be there when you are sick, sad, lonely, have a problem, let me be there for you when you need me.  Love is not i remembered to make reservations, love is i killed that spider for you because i know they scare you. So please celebrate how ever you choose, enjoy your day spread love.  Tomorrow when you wake up do it again celebrate your days all of them, show your love always. Because the societal construct fueling the ” valentines machine” maybe a flawed thing, but love….. Love is everything.



Mind dump


So i have been struggling lately on writing a post. My mind has been empty. completely and totally void of ideas. But here’s the thing there Is a lot going on in my life right now so i know the seemingly empty ness off my mind is because i have locked down compartmentalized and hidden away anything which may cause a crack in the facade .  I do this with out conscious effort and normally to horrible results.  I’m working on it, i have not forgotten you my faithful followers.  Thank you for supporting my writing with thoughts and words of encouragement.  I will leave you with this story .

My husband: did you cook an extra potato ( upon finding a baked potato in the microwave hours after dinner)

me: yah but im sure it’s still good

husband : i didn’t say it had gone bad

me : mental image of a baked potato holding up a convenience  store with a hooker on its arm

me: laughing uncontrolably

my husband: ok then