Want to see pictures of my booty?


My husband and i have cycled thru a very large list of hobbies thru the years. Our most recent venture is the purchase and usage of a metal detector. Growing up i remember my step dad waving his detector along the ground and finding…. Well im not really sure what he found to be honest because i lost interest and wandered away.  Turns out metal detecting is a lot of wandering and waving, digging and finding … Trash.  Surprisingly enough its still fun, outdoors quietly being together slowly turning our property into a people sized revenge of the moles. luckily  our grass in not of such a quality that we mind carving up huge divots. When the detector arrived we had been watching YouTube videos of amazing finds for days. Would we find musket balls, old coins, a civil war era belt buckle, or perhaps an antique gold locket with a faded photo? I’m pretty sure i was the only one thinking in these terms, i still am thinking this way to be honest. I am not thinking in terms of wealth but perhaps some historical tidbit a connection to the past buried or dropped and long forgotten. I’m not a pirate and my booty may be rusty but its mine and like it. I love to learn new things and a hobby is an excellent way to do so. What new hobbies are you thinking of exploring?


Its realy about hope


We are almost to thanksgiving and i am sure you will see many variations of what your friends and family are thankful for. As for me i am thankful to be alive, i realize that sounds like a phoned in awnser to a question you didn’t even ask.  The thing is i have not always felt this way, and my ability to see past the crap and have a new hope for future days leaves me feeling grateful. To be happy to be alive may seem like setting the bar pretty low, but to be honest sometimes things suck and the choice to believe the world is worth sticking around for is the bravest choice to make. So this thanksgiving i will look around at my lovely family and feel truly lucky to have made it past obstacles and stuck thru long enough to get to the other side. I am thankful for the life i have that says this is worth fighting for and no matter the bad THIS is a life to be thankful for. This is a life about hope.

How black is your Friday ?


So here’s the thing there is a lot of grumbling about people having to work on thanksgiving due to the Black Friday sales actually starting on Thursday. Yes it sucks to work any holiday, I worked retail for many years I worked almost every holiday including thanksgiving. No one got up in arms for me. Following is a short list off the top of my head of people who will be working this holiday. ( this list is by no means in order)

  • Military
  • medical workers  ( doctors, nurses, emt)
  • grocery store workers
  • travel associated workers ( bus, airlines, taxi ect.)
  • police and emergency workers

Now i know you may say these people knew the schedule difficulties going in, Absolutely true.  Perhaps just something to think about. I have taken part in Black Friday from both sides of the register, i have always enjoyed the rush of the hunt. It is the one exception once a year when i break free of my quirks face the crowds and i have always been pleasantly surprised by my fellow-man. Never have i seen people trampled or even intentionally shoved . I have seen people helping others, spontaneous christmas  caroling, and church groups passing out free coco and coffee to hundreds of  cold line waiters.  I do find it a shame that Black Friday is now on Thursday, i do not know if i will be partaking.  As far as Fridays go we do know Black Friday is surely the biggest, and don’t get me started on cyber monday the end result may be the same but it always leaves me feeling less than satisfied.


Words are a powerful tool capable of amazing things eliciting emotions, entertaining, and educating . I also believe for every person there are words that just plain annoy, words that make you give a little mental twitch. The word whatever is perhaps my least favorite word ( with the exception of hate speech of course). Whatever feels to me to be the verbal equivalent of ” you are not worth discussing this with” .


If used in a phrase ” whatever works best “or “whatever you deside”that’s one thing but the one word response of whatever feels like a verbal passive aggressive middle finger.  So if you disagree with me thats just fine as i am very often wrong, but give me an honest ” screw you” rather than a dismissive ” whatever”  Do you have a word that makes you feel kinda punchie?  What  sets your teeth to grinding?

Do you realy want to know?


So i was thinking on when and how and if you even should go about letting people know something embarrassing about themselves. I’m not talking about  big things ( things they probably already know) like ” hey putting on a lot of weight, maybe you are using food as an emotional band-aid?” I’m talking about little things that can easily  be remedied. Things like “in this light i can really see that weird hair growing off your chin”, or “when you bend over we are seeing a lot of butt”.  In my mind i say i would like to know, but i also know i would be embarrassed and would likely react defensively.  At what point is mentioning things ok? Should it be based on how well you know the person, how bad the issue is? Do you stop the person with toilet paper on their shoe and give them one embarrassing moment yet save them from walking around that way? Or do you let it go and maybe it will fall off and they will be none the wiser to anything amis with no embarrassed. I think maybe it is a sliding scale of how easy it is to fix i.e. Your shirt is buttoned wrong. Vs. how well you know them i.e. Only someone you love can tell you your eyebrows have gone rogue.  I don’t have the answers just a question i was pondering while trying not to notice the angry zit peeking above the three inches of  butt cleavage on a coworker. So you tell me…. Do you really want to know?

I Feel like im being followed


When i started my blog i had no real agenda, i was coming off a particularly bad spot in my life and writing felt cathartic. writing my blog let me take random little parts of my life, examine them, enjoy them and then set them free.  This week however i had a chance to visit a blog that i follow and enjoy, a blog where this perfectly lovely writer expresses ( gasp) self-doubt.  This was an eye opener for me, you see when i set words to page i am takeing a piece of me and giving it to the world. This piece often is not pretty or polished, it’s often something i have poked at or worried over. Maybe its the emotional equivalent of that grizzel you leave on your plate after a cheep steak, or the funny guy down the street that talks to his plants and makes you smile.  But it’s all me and because it’s all me i want my words to be talked over or enjoyed or shared for a smile, i want to be worth noticing. I guess it surprised me to see my self-doubt mirrored in others.  So i check my stats, i write and share.  You see i write for me but when i feel like im being watched i enjoy it, must be the voyeuristic side of me.