Almost done finaly! Kinda, not realy. But soonish

Our house was built in the last parts of 1800 its OLD, and i love it ( but its a huge pain in the ass). When we first got it, it was not habitable. We  hacked our way to the front door, hauled truck after truck to the dump, and literally feed it with our blood sweat and tears. We were working on a deadline so the kids could start the new school year in this town, so the necessary got done ( ripping out carpet, redoing the bathroom, new plumbing, ect) but the want to do had to wait. The want to do so often gets pushed behind need to do, should do, kinda have to do or else. the kitchen has always been a bit eeeh not dirty or horrible but with the 1960 metal edged counter top always gathering crumbs and the yucky wood cabinets it was crying out for help. imageAnd yet we didn’t go into this with plans of a mini makeover. My husband dear and sweet said ” now that i have the router stuff i can router those cabinet doors” to be honest he did not say stuff not sure what he said though. because we were doing the edge of the doors with the router they were also getting a paint job( made more difficult by the 1/9 inch layer of varnish on them) .so down came the doors that hadn’t been removed in at least three or four interior paint jobs based on the amount of paint on the screws. He routered  and i sanded, he putties  and i sanded some more. Then paint with primer, than regular primer because the wood was leaking out wood color into the paint even though this wood is older than dirt. This is when my me -ness comes into play ” perhaps  we should paint the base color around the top trim” so then that’s done.  image” we can’t really paint just the cabinets we have to do the wall, oh and the countertops.” Then speaking of counter tops ” it would be awesome if they were low enough my mixer would fit…”   then he diligently banged the cabinets apart to raise them three inches and it makes a huge difference yay!, imagecut them down , reassembled them, then the doors we just finished needed redone.cut, router, putty , sand, primer, paint, detail paint….. And onto the walls we go. Did i mention the four to five layers of contact and or wall paper? I love the color picked for the walls, but once applied it looked like a swimming pool with cabinets image( off to the home improvement store for  more paint) on the walls it goes. The bottom cabinets were supposed to be grey once applied however the color i picked was defiantly a blue ( don’t mind the jelly in the photo i couldn’t cook this whole time i don’t function well in a mess)image i wanted to add the grey to the wall instead. Now too much grey crap, how about a stripe ( out comes  the laser level , has to be even bumpy plaster walls be damned) and a stripe yeah …..image… Nope. How about half and half….. imageOk yeah That’s good now just trim needs done and some touch up then boom, carpel tunnel tears its ugly headimage so it’s almost done but not quite. Thank goodness my husbands patience is like a bag of holding . And that is how a simple suggestion turned into a project with no seeming end. Now about that ceiling fan i never have liked it….


May this not be a ” teachable moment”

imageSo in my husbands words my foray into the blogging world has ” outed me to a lot of people” as introverted as i am in the 3 d world i seem to be the opposite in here in the comfort of my blog. So it got me to thinking of the things i have shared with you the few ( love to say many but the stats don’t lie) followers but surprisingly im ok with it, it’s a honest quirky journey ( and i wont stop believe ing) im glad i decided to take it. I just hope some psych teacher doesn’t stumble upon it and decide its a teachable moment.

If your happy and you know it….

imageWhen we were just silly high school students one day my friends and i were trying to look on the bright side of things so we created the happy list. This list started out small and just a few of us contributing but then it started to grow people wanted to add things, things that made them smile, or laugh. The list grew to encompass a wide variety of individuals and interests( or as diverse as small town Kansas in the 90’s could get anyway). It seemed just by the act of stopping and thinking about what made them happy, it let them embrace the happy. So here is my modern take on the Happy List, gone is the college rule paper enter the blogosphere …. Things that make me happy.

  • My husbands sence of humor
  • the mini me way my kiddos do things
  • how my parents are always there for me
  • how my dogs tongue sticks out just a little when she sleeps then dries out and gets stuck
  • the first lime aid of summer
  • talking for hours with my sis about nothing

It can be little things like pants warm from the dryer on a cold day, or a good book, or huge things like weddings and babies or the day the cancer died.Please new friends and old share your happy things add new ones as you think of them this world needs some happy let’s make this list grow.

O.C.D yeah you know me…

imageI think its natural( at least it is for me anyway) to fixate on one thing compulsively. When i am reading a book i read till its done, when i find a new video game i play it nonstop, when i started blogging i post then watch my stats ( a lot its sad really) i get one thought im my head then feel the need to address it here is a small sample of weird but true …

  1. Missed a college class one day to go to walmart because all my hangers were different colors and sizes (and how was i going to get the spacing even if the hangers were all random)
  2. rearranged my sister in laws  kitchen cabinets ( i found cereal in two different places it was anarchy)while babysitting  sorry about that by the way.
  3. refolded Peoples towels while using the restroom ( there is only one way to do this properly the way my mama taught me)
  4. cleaned the sinks at public restrooms (really they looked like a splash pool water every where)
  5. straightened miss shelved books at barns and noble ( what kind of animal miss shelves books)

I can look at these actions and go hmm weird, but i would totally do them again( except maybe the kitchen cabinet thing it has been pointed out this May have crossed a line since i was never asked to sit at their house again)Why oh why can i not fixate on exercise….. By the way i learned how to make carbonara today super easy and sooo good.

Is this thing on…….


The year i dated a jewish guy, kinda

imageSo my husband and i started dating when we were both 18, i had just started college and he was still living at home( yes i am a bit of a cradle robber he is 6 mo. Younger than me)  it was right before christmas when i stopped by to see him, as we were leaving sitting in the driveway i asked him why there was no tree at their house. Now i think its important to understand i am essentially an honest person and as such my b.s. Detector is almost non-existent . So he turns to me and says there is no tree because they are jewish( i was raised in rural Kansas ya’ll cultured and diversity was not my strong point, it was before the internet turned the world into the melting pot it is now. When i was a kid the computer was for Oregon trails that’s it.) so i nod my head and move on. We had been dating for a little over a year when the holidays were approaching again and i was to spend a portion of them with his family, i walk thru the door and there stands the biggest beautiful real tree decked out in all the trimmings and i get choked up. I walk to his mom and tell her thank you but the tree was not necessary just for me, she says but we always have a tree….. Now here is where the less gullible would have shut up but instead i go on to question why a jewish household would have a tree , and ask why i saw no tree the yer before. Turns out my dear husband was pulling my leg not realizing at the time the extent of my gullibility, and then promptly forgot .  Well they say you should marry a guy who can make you laugh……

Don’t i know you? Aka ” to all the ones i loved before”🎶

imageI have known so many people in my life, wonderful people, horrible people, boring people. I am not a well-traveled person, so even though i have met so many people it’s still just a tiny fraction of a percent of amazing people there is.  But here’s the thing i am not good at staying in touch even with people i truly care for, even with people who mattered to me, i don’t know if it is lazy, introverted, or just plain crappy of me( or all of the above) but i always think it will be less busy, more calm, quieter if i do it tomorrow or on the weekend. Even with the advent of social networks relationships slip thru the cracks, days turn into months and friends turn into  acquaintances and into strangers. I may know you have a new puppy, or a new baby,just got a job ( or lost one) but its all very voyeuristic when you can’t see my smile and i cant hear your voice.  Things happen, life happens, it happens every day to each one of us but then i get a reminder a forgotten memory dragging forth people from my past.and i stop and i wonder, and realise its been to long and it makes me sad but i still remember you my friends just like in time travel every little thing you did shaped and changed my life.Thank You

Have you seen my list?

imageI am a procrastinator extraordinaire, from an early age i liked to ride the panicked rush of last minute accomplishment. Now as i have grown older that particular adrenalin drug has lost its kick and i sometimes totter from procrastination into just plain not getting it done( i know shocking right!?) so if i need a motivation tool i make a list. This technique is often used before trips, parties, holidays, and overnight guests.  My list starts out segmented by categories and often room and or shopping location, it’s not unusual for me to have a master list to guide me thru my sub lists. My list start small, then grow more often than shrink even when i get stuff done i add at a faster rate then i subtract.  It goes like this clean the top of fridge but while im up there i notice spots on the pot rack so then that needs cleaned then while i have all the pots down i might as well polish up the copper on them( which never gets done but while the pots are down something will get splattered on them so then they all need washed)!. I have put stuff on my lists that i already did just so i can cross them off. The list is my nemeses that i will never beat, my husband will look on and go oh no she’s making lists. The list is my guide to crazy luckily i lose them more often than not…..

Shit i thought i had invented.

imageSo we are still working on the kitchen ( pics and post to come) and i hit a bit of a rough spot where the ladder got me vertical but i also needed horizontal so i ” invented” scotchie a paint brush attached to a stick with scotch tape. I’m sure somewhere there is a slightly less ridiculous version of this,i felt it was brilliant my husband found it so funny he stopped his job and got a camera. Here he is laughing and takeing photos why i diligently keep working all the while explaining how it i is the ninja  of painting tools because the stick was the kind you screw the roller on the end of to make it longer. It got me thinking about all the things that have popped into my head all boom awesome idea, things i have never seen before but then it turns out it has existed for years i just don’t get out much. Extenders on sun visors in cars to make them go a bit father so they actually block the sun( came with that in seventh grade alas it already existed) . I used to write poetry a lot i wrote a beautiful one about love read it to my sister and she said ” yeah  i always loved Corinthians but i don’t think you got the verse quite right hold on i have it on a book mark somewhere”  poetry blocked by The Lord damn that’s harsh. So i guess i better go grab scotchie  and get back to work, i hate cutting in….

You like my butt? Its bossy!

imageMy nick name as a child was little miss bossy butt, i would like to pretend it was not deserved. It was not only totally deserved  it’s still relevant. Although i go by not quite as little Mrs. Bossy butt these days. I find bossiness to be a life skill, i call it administratively gifted. Im not sure how one person can be both indecisive, shy AND bossy but i pull it off. My husbands theory is we have children so i should go mother them( and i do, Thank you very much) . I think my bossy tendencies are directly tied to my natural noseyness, still seeing skills here.  As a direct result of these skills i have almost no desire to take step by step direction from others. I think mostly this has to do with the fact my process will probably differ with theirs( mine being the right way and all) as long as the end result is the same then why not do it my way.  There are actually only a few things in my life ( insert husbands laugh/ scorn here)  i insist on my way is the only way. Towel folding, dishwasher loading, fitted sheet folding…. Ok that’s about it.  I might of ( certainly) inadvertently missed a few.  So to recap , my butt its a boss(y) one, but that’s ok.

Pintrest,porn same diff….

imageSo here’s what im thinking pintrest is like porn, bear with me …

  1. You often go to pintrest/ porn due to boredom
  2. you often lose track of time when with pintrest/ porn
  3. you look at stuff on pintrest/ porn you would never consider in real life
  4. you click on-screen after screen on pintrest/porn and end up somewhere you rather not be ( or would you? You crafty devil )

Last but not least….

5. The things you like best on pintrest/ porn you have no chance of accomplishing, plus it looks like a lot      of work and then there is all the supplies to gather…..